Detailed Parts List:

1. Cockpitsonic Shell and inner Overhead and Eyebrow Structures, painted.

2. Original Weber Pilot Seats, last used 2000 in a United Airlines 727

3. Simparts MIP (Prototype) with LCD Monitors, Gear Lever, working AFDS, wired with Simboards.

4. 1x FlyEngravity CDU (first Generation) and Glare Wings with working Sixpacks

5. FDS MCP (first Generation) wired with CPFlight G1 board.

6. Simparts 737 dual linked Controll Jokes (Prototype) with working Switches (Trim, AP/off, ATC), ACE Clip Boards, Dual CH Products Pedals, Simparts Steering Tiller

7. Simparts motorized Throttle (Prototype) with moving Throttle Levers, Trim Wheel and Speedbrake Lever.

8. Lausitz Aviation Pedestal with Simparts Panels connected with Simboards.

9. FlyEngravity OH and Aft OH (first Generation), wired with Simboards.

10. Sound System with Amp, Speakers and Behringer Mixer.

11. Optoma Beamer (lamp 600 hours left) with Screen.

12. All Cables included incl. Netgear 8 Switch and KVM Switch.

13. All PC's are included plus two seperate Power Supplies for 12v and 5v

14. Movable wooden Floor is included

Base Sim is FS2004 with Tons of Addons 

7 PC´s for the cockpit:

PC1 : FSServer. Asus P5LD2 Motherboard with P4 630 3Ghz @ 3,4Ghz ,2048mb Corsair DDR2 Ram PC 533, MSI 8800 GT 512mb Display card,2x Seagate 200Gb serial ata with raid 0, FDS G1 card for MCP. Software :WinXPSP2, FS2004 with Ultimate Terrain and FSGlobal 2008 Mesh,  PMSounds.

PC2 :Captain GC. MSi Motherboard with P4 2,4Ghz,512mb Ram,Geforce FX5400 128mb,40Gb HD. Software : WinXPSP2 ,PM Captain PFD/ND.

PC3 :F/O GC. MSI Motherboard with P4 2,0Ghz,512mb Ram,Geforce 4 FX 64mb,40Gb HD. Software : WinXPSP2, PM F/O PFD/ND. and Simboards Controler Software for Mip and Pedestal

PC4 :Online/EICAS. MSI Motherboard with P4 2,8Ghz,1024mb Ram,Geforce 4 64mb,2x 80Gb HD raid 0. Software :WinXPSP2,PM EICAS,IVAP,Ivae,,SA_WXR weather radar, PM GetWeather.

PC5 : PMSystems,CDU. P3 866Mhz, 256mb Ram, Matrox G450 16mb,20Gb HD. Software : WinXPSP2,PM CDU ,Remote CDU,PMSounds,
PMSystems and Simboards Controler Software for Overhead ,TSR Boeing 737-NG Program .

PC6 : PM MCP,TSR Boeing 737-NG program . PC with P4 2,4 Ghz,1GB Ram,100 Gb HD. Software : WinXPSP2, TSR Boeing 737-NG Program, Project Magenta MCP .

PC7 :  FS2Phidgets Controler Software for Throttle

The I/O System is Simboards from FLIGHTDECK TECHNOLOGY.

(Allthough they're not supported anymore they're fully working. If you

intend to use different PC's you have to know that the Drivers are only working with WinXP 32 bit)


Because the whole SIM is a Prototype, though it's fully working, there are a few Issues:

1.The inner Sidewalls are selfmade (Plywood)

2.From Time to Time some LED's are burning out ...anyway it's not a major Problem to change them.

3. Some Digits on the Pedestal are not working correctly (ATC 1+2, VOR1), maybe due to wrong Potis....i've never sorted that out....anyway you can use it (you can change VOR FQ also within CDU Menue). Transponder and ADF are working fine.

4.Project Magenta do not allow to resell the Software. Ask me for Details.

5.The whole Wiring ist "custom". When debuilding the Sim one have to remove the SIMBOARDS Connections (for MIP, and Pedestal. OH and Aft OH are connected more easily with seperate multipin Switches ) and while rebuilding you have to reconnect which is quit time intense and you have to know what you're doing. Anyway i have partly documented the wiring.

Because of that: If you intend to buy it :

Technical Knowledge is a Must !



excl. shipping

Feel free to ask for more Details: