This is the Flightdeck Solutions MCP/EFIS with the G1 Board. Still a lot soldering and wiring !!

Here the first EFIS is connected with the FDS G1Exp board which is arrived today

On the upper left side you can see an piece of a "Euro-Platine" where the resitors for the constant leds are soldered in.

And here it comes allive ! 

Wooden parts of the MIP stand.

All MIP- backplates and Alu-EFIS/MCP-housing arrived from SIMPARTS :

Look at the quallity of the backplates !

Clock!!!! all push-buttons fully functional!

SIMPARTS  Throttle and more Panels !

Flight Controls, second EFIS and CDU are installed.

Gear lever with backlighted gear panel from SIMPARTS .....great  :-) !!

CDU from ENGRAVITY.... absolute fantastic !

Now jokes are installed. Next are the  side covers  with steering tiller and glareshield with sixpack.

a lot of lights came allive!