FWD and AFTWD Overhead from Engravity

 Backframe is ready

Look at the Landing Light Switches from SIMPARTS !

Now Fwrd Overhead and Eybrows are assembled ... it´s really a piece of hard work !!!

Not all switches and buttons are allready installed

Here you can see fwrd and aftwrd Overhead. Behind on the floor is the aluminium MIP structure from SIMPARTS and the TFT´s are glued with "silicon" behind.

started OH soldering and wiring

This is really cable caos but it´s working  ... :-) 

Here you can see the FDT USB 128 Max Input card wired with crimps

For backlighting i used a 40 candle christmas tree rope .... it´s not optimal but ok for now.....

The third board is a 16D board for the two SSD groups FLT Alt and Land Alt

a closer look to the two FDT SSD (Seven Segment Display) holders on the right

now in the dark ... PMSystems is running....

a flash shot: